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Car Accident

By Wednesday February 17th, 2016

Settlement: $3.2 Million

Case Description:  Our client was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by the defendant while he was driving a company vehicle. While driving southbound on Interstate 25, our client noticed a vehicle on the side of the road and stopped to offer aid. Within minutes, she was pinned between her car and a van, driven by the defendant that had lost control.

Injuries and Damages: Our client suffered a pelvic fracture, requiring multiple surgeries. She also sustained injury to L4-5 and L5-S1 requiring a fusion. Due to the severity of her injuries, she is physically impaired for the rest of her life.

Verdict: $325,000 plus interest and costs (total settlement:  $486,173)

Case Description:  Our client was making a left turn on a green arrow, in the outer lane of double left hand turn lanes. The driver of the at-fault vehicle, a SUV, ran a red light and broadsided a vehicle making a left-hand turn on a green arrow in the inner lane, pushing that vehicle into our client’s car.

Injuries and Damages: Our client sustained a TMJ injury, a cervical spine injury requiring steroid injections and a closed head injury causing our client difficulties in her ability to concentrate. Her total medical bills were in excess of $48,000. Liability was not disputed during trial, nor was the extent of our client’s injuries. Nevertheless, opposing counsel argued the jury should award our client less than $50,000 in damages.

Settlement:  $1 Million

Case Description: When the defendant noticed he was about to miss the entrance ramp onto a major highway, he made a right turn without checking for traffic and sideswiped our client’s car at approximately 40 miles per hour, forcing it onto the sidewalk, where his vehicle struck a pedestrian signal pole. Our client’s car was totaled and he suffered severe injuries.

Injuries and Damages: The collision caused injuries to our client’s hips resulting in bone death in both hips requiring each to be replaced after a previous surgery to repair the hips had failed. Our client also suffered deep venous thrombosis (DVT), a dangerous blood clot as a result of these surgeries. He also suffered a severe ligament tear in his shoulder, requiring future surgery and several broken ribs. His medical bills amounted to well over $340,000. Additionally, he faced over $25,000 in future lost wages.

Settlement:  $100,000

Case Description: Our client was slowing down for a red light and was rear-ended by the defendant. The impact of the collision was so significant that it pushed our client’s vehicle into the car in front of him. Our client’s vehicle sustained substantial damage to both the front and rear of the vehicle and he suffered significant injuries and faces future surgery. The defendant was cited with careless driving.

Injuries and Damages: Our client sustained traumatic injuries to his neck and back as a result of the collision and experiences pain in his lower back and legs.

Settlement:  $200,000

Case Description: While driving to a local community college for placement testing for the next semester, our client was involved in a motor vehicle crash when the defendant crossed the center line to make a left hand turn. Unable to avoid the crash, our client hit the defendants’ SUV with her sedan. Her vehicle sustained over $6,000 damage and was totaled. Although the defendant was cited with “Failure to Yield” and “Improper Left Turn”, he refused to accept responsibility for the crash.

Injuries and Damages:  Our client was an active, athletic young woman about to attend college to obtain her bachelor’s degree. After the incident, she was diagnosed with upper and mid-cervical facet dysfunction and lower thoracic facet dysfunction. Her symptoms include severe headaches, neck, shoulder, and low back pain. She will require future medical treatment to relieve these painful symptoms.

Settlement:  $2.95 Million

Case Description: Our client was a passenger in a car that t-boned a taxi cab that made an illegal turn in front of them. The defendant was cited. Our client was transported by a private vehicle to a local hospital, complaining of facial, eye and arm pain and swelling. She was referred to see her regular doctor to whom she complained of worsening symptoms of neck pain and numbness and tingling in her arms.

Injuries and Damages: Our client had no symptoms prior to this incident and worked as a bus driver for the Regional Transportation District. After several surgeries, she continues to suffer from symptoms due to post cervical spine fusion C3 through C7 for cervical degenerative disc disease, cervical degenerative disc disease C3-C7, right shoulder rotator cuff tear, right shoulder degenerative joint disease, right frozen shoulder, lumbosacral spine pain secondary to degenerative disc disease and degenerative joint disease.

Settlement:  $605,000

Case Description: Our client was struck in a Big Box Store parking lot by a Public Service Utility truck driven by the defendant who was driving illegally through the parking lot by cutting across the painted parking lines. He was cited for careless driving. The force of the collision pushed our client’s vehicle over 12 feet. The utility truck’s bumper intruded into our client’s car pinning her between the bumper and center console, breaking two ribs.

Injuries and Damages: Our client sustained serious, permanent and debilitating injuries. She suffered multiple broken ribs and her chest cavity remains tender.  She suffered neck and back injuries which continue to plague her despite a wide range of treatment that includes cervical nerve blocks and facet injections.  She continues to suffer from cervical instability and limited range of motion.  Her arms go numb intermittently.  Her right shoulder defies healing; she has developed a chronic “popping” and right girdle syndrome and AC joint instability.  Years later, she continues to experience painful symptoms in her lower back and her legs intermittently are numb with tingling.  Her doctors agree that her injuries are permanent and that her future medical needs are extensive.