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Motorcycle Accident

By Wednesday February 17th, 2016

Settlement:  $1.5 Million

Case Description: Our client was riding his motorcycle when he approached an intersection traveling within the legal speed limit andwith the right of way. The defendant, driving a pick-up truck, ran through a stop sign and our client slammed into the side of the truck. After impact, our client landed approximately twenty feet from his mangled bike. He was bleeding from his face under his helmet. His lower torso was mangled. The at-fault driver fled the scene and later admitted he ran the stop sign because he blacked out because he was taking Vicodin. He later pled guilty to a single felony for fleeing the scene and failing to render aid.

Injuries and Damages:  Our client sustained significant and severe injuries including a closed head injury, traumatic brain injury, bilateral acetabular fractures, pelvic ring fracture with pubic symphasis diastasis, right sacral fracture, right femoral neck fracture, right femoral shaft fracture, spleen laceration, bilateral trochanteric bursitis, right shoulder acromial impingement syndrome, thoracic spine injuries, left hip dislocation, injuries to his teeth and right eye, numerous lacerations, abrasions, contusions and scarring. Additionally, due to the constant pain as a result of this collision, our client suffers from depression, PTSD, disturbed sleep, blurred vision, excessive fatigue, vertigo, chronic headaches, constant bilateral tinnitus and severe cognitive deficits.