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Semi-Truck Accident

By Wednesday February 17th, 2016

Verdict: $550,000 plus interest and costs (final settlement $802,000)

Case Description:  Our client was legally stopped in an intersection, waiting for traffic clear in the opposing direction so she could make a left hand turn, when her vehicle was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler tractor trailer. Mr. Bendinelli was able to prove to the jury that the owner and the driver were negligent due to defective brakes on the tractor-trailer which had not been maintained properly.

Injuries and Damages: Our client suffered severe injuries to her neck and back, and suffered a rotator cuff impingement injury which required surgery. The insurance carrier for the responsible driver and the owner of the 18-wheeler tractor trailer only made a nuisance offer before trial. This offer only amounted to a fraction of our client’s medical bills, and did not compensate our client for any of her substantial pain and suffering, or provide any compensation for the scarring caused by her surgery.

Settlement:  $90,000

Case Description: Our client was on his way home from work and was stopped in traffic waiting to merge onto a local highway. A semi-trailer driven by the defendant slammed into the back of our client’s pick-up truck, pushing his truck into the car in front of him. The impact of the collision caused a seven vehicle pile-up. Our client was wearing his seat belt and the force of the impact caused his airbags to deploy and his vehicle was totaled. The at-fault driver was cited with careless driving.

Injuries and Damages: Our suffered injuries to his neck, shoulder, dominant hand and knees. As a result of this crash, he has difficulty sleeping, neck stiffness, headaches, reduced capability and productivity at work, continued pain while performing any physical labor such as yard work, home renovation, playing video games, etc.

Settlement:  $125,000

Case Description: Our client was driving on a local interstate when the defendant, who was driving a semi tractor-trailer, made an illegal lane change, hitting the driver’s side of our client’s car at highway speed. The impact of the collision spun her car around causing her to crash into the cement barricade separating the north and south bound traffic lanes.

Injuries and Damages: Our client suffered a concussion and symptoms consistent with a post concussive syndrome. She also suffered multiple cervical disc space injuries and injuries to her upper back and right shoulder. In addition, our client had suffered financially due to her inability to work.

Settlement:  $925,000 (settlement offered on 4th day of trial)

Case Description: In November of 1999our client, while slowing for traffic on the interstate, was rear ended by a box truck that was first struck by 18-wheeler.

Injuries and Damages: Our client suffered a fracture of the zygomatic arch, tempromandibular derangement, talo-fibular ligament reconstruction of the left ankle, cervical stenosis requiring raido-frequency neurolysis every 15 months and low back pain. Our client has been unable to work as a result of the injuries he sustained in the collision.