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Slip And Fall / Premises Liability

By Wednesday February 17th, 2016

Settlement: $138,000

Case Description: Our client, her husband, daughter and grandson arrived at local restaurant. Defendant had not applied ice melt or sand, or otherwise cleared the ice from the walk in front of the restaurant’s entryway. Although, our client tried to be careful by holding on to her husband, as they approached the entry she slipped on the ice and landed on her left knee. After she fell, a restaurant employee came out and sprinkled ice melt around her.

Injuries and Damages: Shortly after her fall, our client was transported to a local hospital by ambulance and was diagnosed with widely distracted mid-body fracture of the left patella and was admitted to the hospital. After two surgeries to repair her knee, our client still suffers from on-going pain and physical impairment. Additionally, she worries about re-injuring her knee.