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Workers Compensation / On The Job Injury

By Wednesday February 17th, 2016

Settlement:  $190,000

Case Description: Our client was injured on-the-job when he fell on a piece of conduit that had been carelessly discarded by another worker who threw the piece of conduit on the floor instead of in the trash or “bone” pile (designated pile for trash).

Injuries and Damages: Our client sustained a severe injury to his left knee (including a tear/rupture of his ACL, near complete tear of his patellar tendon, medial plicae and chondromalacia of the patellar), which required three surgical procedure. Due to his altered gait and the inability to rely on his left leg to support him, he now has pain in his low back and right leg. He now has a permanent injury, and suffers from constant, distressing pain. He has suffered wage loss as he has been unable to work for nearly a year following this incident.