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Keep Your Cool with these Colorado Winter Driving Tips

Winter can come on quickly in Colorado and we’ve already had a couple of tough storms. New drivers and out-of-state drivers may not have the same experience as those of us who have lived here longer. The Bendinelli Law Firm has compiled some Colorado Winter Driving Tips to help keep your cool this winter...
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Happy New Year! Drinking and Driving–It’s Not Worth It!

The holidays are coming to a close and a new year just around the corner. As we head out to friend’s and family’s homes and company parties, there is the potential for winter weather road conditions, as well as drunk drivers – especially around New Year’s Eve. Though we may not be drinking at...
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Brrrr…It’s Cold Out There & The Zen of Colorado Winter Weather Driving

[:en]A favorite “Colorado-ism” is, “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it’ll change.” And that couldn’t be more (more…)
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Drunk Driving Crashes and Driving Safely This Holiday Season

The holidays are nearly here, and what better reason to gather with friends and family than to celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, and a New Year? With the holidays come holiday parties, and with holiday parties often comes cocktails. Everyone knows that driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal in Colorado, but with the increased...
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Winter Driving Safety Tips

When it comes to weather, every Coloradan knows that it can be perfectly sunny at 10:00 AM, and a complete blizzard by 4:00 PM. Mother Nature has a fantastic sense of humor. If you’ve lived in Colorado long enough, you could be considered an expert on winterizing your vehicle. You know to have your...
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