It’s one thing to hire an attorney who understands personal injury law. It’s another thing to hire an attorney who understands you as well. The Denver personal injury attorneys at The Bendinelli Law Firm listen to our clients. We work hard to understand your unique challenges. At the end of the day, that personal connection gives us an advantage when it comes to fighting on your behalf. We know how painful a personal injury can be—physically and emotionally. Our personal injury attorneys in Denver are here to help you through this stressful time in your life.

Personal Service.

Our personal injury attorneys in Denver CO bring a wealth of legal experience and a team-oriented attitude to the table. They also care about each one of their clients. They work closely with our excellent support staff to ensure you get the most personal and the most loyal legal service in Denver. We’re proud of the genuine relationships we foster with each one of our clients. When you choose The Bendinelli Law Firm, you get personal service; you get legal representation with a human touch.

Extraordinary Results

When you hire a personal injury lawyer, you want experience and you want results. With a reputation for excellence and a detail-oriented mindset, the attorneys at The Bendinelli Law Firm know how to fight for your legal rights. Each one of our personal injury lawyers in Denver is committed to their clients. That’s why we work so tirelessly to achieve exceptional results. Our legal talent and expertise, combined with our dedication to our clients’ best interests, have consistently placed us among the top litigating law firms in Colorado.

The legal team at The Bendinelli Law Firm is here for you, every step of the way.

Founding Shareholder

Marco Bendinelli

Marco F. Bendinelli, Esq.

Marco F. Bendinelli, the founding shareholder, built his legal practice upon two foundational principles: that a personal injury lawyer should always serve the needs of his clients, and that he should always practice law with distinction. He has never wavered from these convictions. Staying true to his principles, he now leads an expert legal team of injury lawyers in Denver, a full staff consisting of litigation attorneys and investigative experts. Together, they comprise some of the best legal talent in Colorado, dedicated to ensuring that each client receives the individual and thorough attention they deserve.

Mr. Bendinelli’s practice is devoted to representing individuals and families who suffered injury or death caused by the negligence or … Read More

Associate Attorneys

Julian M. Bendinelli, Esq.

Julian M. Bendinelli, Esq.

Julian M. Bendinelli is a talented and passionate personal injury attorney in Colorado. His core conviction is that personal injury victims desperately need excellent, ethical, and aggressive legal representation. Mr. Bendinelli understands that his clients come to him at what may be one of the worst periods of their lives. That’s why he remains committed to giving each of his clients the highest level of personal care and attention.

All too often, the injured and their families are disrespected by insurance companies and even made to feel guilty for bringing legitimate claims to recover for their losses… Read More

Denver Attorney Mark G. Mayberry

Mark G. Mayberry, Esq.

Mark Mayberry has been practicing law in Colorado since 1989. He currently specializes in medical malpractice and negligence claims. Mr. Mayberry’s core belief is that all clients deserve zealous representation. He knows, through hard-earned experience, that the best outcome only comes after thorough preparation and tireless perseverance. He is committed to achieving the best possible results for his clients, regardless of the strengths or weaknesses of their particular case… Read More

Erik D. Cansler, Esq.

Mr. Cansler has extensive background as a civil defense attorney giving him a unique perspective on how insurance companies respond to the personal injury claims of our car accident clients. Having experienced the litigation process from both the at-fault party’s and victim’s points of view, he realized that our clients need an experienced, competent and determined advocate…Read More

Jared J. Mazzei, Esq.

Associate Attorney Jared Mazzei knew at an early age that he wanted to be an attorney because he was intrigued by the prospect of arguing for justice in the courtroom in front of a jury. His passion lies in the litigation process in order to protect the rights and advocate for the victims of personal injury that have been injured due to no fault of their own…Read More

Giorgia B. Turpen, Esq.

Associate Personal Injury Attorney Giorgia Turpen was born in Padova, Italy and attended an English International School until the age of 18, when she moved to California to attend the University of San Diego (USD) in the summer of 2009. Her father is a lawyer in Italy and he passed on his passion of the law…Read More

W. Clark Litten, Esq.

Mr. Clark Litten is an experienced attorney who has emphasized practice in Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability for the last 27 years. Growing up in Colorado, Clark earned his way through college and law school working at various physically demanding jobs, including factory worker, painter, construction worker, lawnmower, landscaper, milkman…Read More

Colorado Attorney Blaine L. Milne

Blaine L. Milne, Esq., Of Counsel

Blaine Milne attended law school at the University of Colorado, where he served as both vice-president and treasurer of the Latino Law Students Association and where he was also elected Outstanding Latino Student upon graduation.

Blaine Milne has over 17 years of experience working for insurance companies. In that time, he evaluated and settled personal injury claims as well as property damage claims. Mr. Milne’s work history has… Read More

Attorney B. Gerald Jerry Sumner

B. Gerald “Jerry” Sumner, Esq.

Bankruptcy can be a frightening experience, but it also affords people the opportunity to make a fresh start. Jerry Sumner is an experienced and compassionate Bankruptcy and Workers’ Compensation attorney. He’s committed to helping his clients start anew after falling on hard times.

After becoming an attorney, Mr. Sumner continued to teach aspiring paralegals, and has taught programs … Read More